What Is Armor Of God

What is Armor of God?

The protection we need to take in our spiritual lives is symbolized by the armor of God. According to the Bible, Satan is waging war against us and wants to do us in. As a result, we must act and don God’s protection. It is crucial for us to recognize the gravity of this conflict as Christians.

Paul instructs us to put on the armor of God in a passage found in Ephesians 6, which you may be familiar with. Even if you have read this passage before, there is still plenty to learn when we look at it closely and study it carefully.

The Bible uses the image of the armor of God to remind Christians of the realities of spiritual conflict and to highlight the safeguards at their disposal. Christians are commanded to put on the whole armor of God, which includes the Belt of Truth, Breastplate of Righteousness, Gospel of Peace, the Shield of Faith, Helmet of Salvation, and Sword of the Spirit.

God gives us these six pillars of the Christian life, together with prayer (verse 18), to fortify and safeguard us and ultimately aid us in winning the spiritual wars we engage in. The Bible instructs us on how to put each component on and use it efficiently.

The phrase “having girded your loins with truth” is used in certain translations. The loin is a rare phrase in modern vernacular. Although it involves the crotch region, it refers to the lower back. Men in the past would wrap the long, draping material to prevent it from getting in the way of their work or their fighting. This was a form of girding the loins.

How can we put on the armor of God in today’s world?

Even though we might not be accustomed to donning battle armor like a Roman soldier, this passage can be applied to our lives in the same way that it was at the time it was written.

The protection we need to take in our spiritual lives is symbolized by the armor of God. According to the Bible, Satan is waging war against us and wants to do us in. As a result, we must act and don God’s protection.

It is crucial for us to recognize the gravity of this conflict as Christians. It is simple to overlook the potential impact because it is frequently something we cannot see with our physical eyes. When we neglect to put on the armor of God and allow the devil to rule our lives, it can be quite dangerous.

The belt of truth is the first item of armor Paul addresses. He instructs us to “stand steadfast, then, with the belt of truth fastened about your waist” in Ephesians 6:14. You might be asking why Paul began with the belt of the God’s armor out of all the parts. But the belt has a much bigger impact than we would realize.

Roman soldiers carried their weapons on their belts because they were unable to do it without one. So why does Paul relate truth to a soldier’s belt? God’s Word is truth, and it is the basis of Christianity.

All Scripture is inspired by God and is helpful for correcting, rebuking, teaching, and training in righteousness, according to 2 Timothy 3:16. We cannot expect to fight fights for Christ if our beliefs are not founded in God’s Word.

We should carry God’s truth close to us and allow it to encircle us, much as a belt is worn tight to the body. We can distinguish between what is true and what is false when we stay in His Word.

With this being said, I encourage you to apply the concept of the belt of truth to your life and hold onto God’s truth. In the end, by remaining in His Word, you will be equipped for spiritual battles that may come your way.

The Belt of Truth

Integrity of the Believer: In Paul’s day, soldiers wore leather girdles or belts that they fastened around their waists to carry their weapons of combat, such as a dagger or sword and to protect their ovaries. His tunic was kept together by the belt so that it wouldn’t snag. Integrity is the glue that ties the Christian armor together. You will lose the war if you lack integrity in both the major and minor aspects of your life. Would others describe you as a person of integrity, a man or a woman? If not, you will not succeed in the conflict.

The Breastplate of Righteousness

The Believer’s Purity: A soldier’s armor, which protected their internal organs, was occasionally braided out of chain. The breastplate of righteousness is for the Christian.

The opponent intends to assault you both with impurity and lies. He urges you to indulge in all physical lusts, watch immoral movies, and read dirty periodicals. Satan tries to enter your heart and thoughts, to put it simply. He’s searching for a weakness in your defenses. Also, don’t be duped. That gap is located where Satan knows. Do you have a clean heart before God? If not, you will not succeed in the conflict.

The Gospel of Peace

The Gospel of Peace is the Believer’s Tranquility – A Roman soldier’s shoes would have hobnails on the sole, much like football cleats, because they required a firm base from which to maneuver when they were fighting. ALSO READ THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT

You can never start a war until you have a firm foundation in peace. Doesn’t that sound contradictory? When Satan tries to disrupt your peace, he scatters stones and briars of discouragement and doubt to make you trip. Do you currently feel at peace? If not, you will not succeed in the conflict.

The Shield Of Faith

The Believer’s Certainty – The Roman soldier’s shield was composed of wood and wrapped in leather, measuring roughly two by four feet. Soldiers back then would dip arrows in oil, light them, and fire them towards the opposition. The soldier needed these shields to prevent being burned.

Satan will shoot doubt-filled blazing darts at you. He wants to instill small doubts about God and His Truth in your mind. He is aware that a small spark might start a large fire. Feed your faith and starve your doubts, respectively. Do you now harbor any doubts in your mind? If there are, you will lose the conflict.

Helmet of Salvation

The soldier in The Believer’s Sanity wore a helmet to protect his head because a brain injury would prevent him from thinking. Every Christian needs to be controlled by the omnipotent God and have the mind of Christ.

A person gets his right mind for the first time after being saved. Without the Lord Jesus Christ and the Spirit, a person suffers from a type of insanity. They do not think how God intended for them to think. The most crucial thing you should always possess is faith in God’s ability to save you. Do you realize that God has saved you? You cannot prevail in battle if you are not.

Sword of the Spirit.

The sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, is the most powerful tool God has given to us as Christians when we are tempted. When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness, He did a magnificent job of modeling this. Jesus fought back against the devil’s temptations by using the sword of the Spirit. Satan heard the Word of God from Jesus. Jesus replied, “It is stated, ‘You shall worship the Lord God only.'” (Luke 4:1–13) You are just to serve Him. and put the verses back into their proper perspective by saying, “It has been said, ‘You shall not tempt the Lord your God.'”

The Spirit’s sword is effective. Learn Scripture by heart and fight Satan’s lies and assaults with the truth of God’s Word.

Our lives are part of God’s design. The enemy also has a strategy for us. All we need to do is choose which voice to listen to and which person to follow each day. And chances are we’ll eventually fall into the devil’s trap if we don’t make a firm decision to follow God. God provides us with all we need to be strong in this life by giving us clear instructions in his Word. However, far too frequently, we rush through busy, full days without the proper tools, preparation, or knowledge of our adversaries.

You won’t go for very long if you’re a believer living in this dark world as salt and light without running into challenges and attacks he’ll direct at you. This conflict is actual and fierce.I’m concentrating, donning His armor, keeping watch, and hoping that God will give His people the tools they need to “stand firm” wherever they are.

How to utilize God’s armor to protect against Satan’s attacks

According to the Bible, we are engaged in battle, and Satan, the devil, is out to win by whatever means necessary. Paul, the apostle, cautions us to be wary of Satan’s schemes and ploys (2 Corinthians 2:11).

In Ephesians 6:10–20, Paul addressed this issue and talked of donning the full armor of God. Paul wrote the Ephesians letter when he was imprisoned. Paul undoubtedly grew familiar with the equipment and weapons used by his captors in the Roman army while he was imprisoned. Paul made a potent parallel between a soldier’s gear and the spiritual armor of God, following Isaiah’s example (Isaiah 59:17).

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the might of His power, wrote Paul (verse 10).

You see, we don’t have to let Satan’s tricks or his guile and cunning deter us. This fight is not just between us. The most potent force in the universe is at our disposal!

Put on the whole armor of God so that you can withstand the devil’s tricks, according to verse 11.

This is a thorough defensive plan, and we must pay attention to every piece of protection that God provides. However, if we do, we will be able to repel Satan’s assaults.

Prayer of Armor of God

Oh my God!

We are grateful that you have overcome sin and death in our world. We are grateful that you came to release the prisoners. We appreciate the redeeming work you have done in our lives. We are grateful for the freedom and hope you bring.

We use your Word of Truth to combat the enemy’s plans and declare that he has no control over our life because we have been set free. Give us the foresight and knowledge to avoid his pitfalls and to resist his efforts with courage. Fill us up again with your Holy Spirit’s might.

To protect our lives from harm, we put on our full armor today. We put on the belt of truth as defense against falsehood and trickery. To guard against the temptations we face, we put on the breastplate of righteousness. We have the message of peace in our hearts and are prepared to carry your light wherever you direct us today. We make the decision to not be overcome by dread and worrying thoughts, but rather to live in the freedom and serenity of your Spirit. We take up your shield of faith, which will quench all the arrows and threats the adversary throws our way. We put our trust in you because we know you have the power to keep us safe.

We cover our brains and thoughts with the helmet of salvation, which serves as a reminder that we are children of the day who have been forgiven and set free through the grace of Christ Jesus. The only offensive tool you have given us for battle—the sword of the Spirit—is sharper than any two-edged sword and has the power to overthrow strongholds. It is your very Word.

We beg that you continuously remind us to pray for all believers. We need your support to remain vigilant in a dangerous environment. We enlist your assistance in order to be a salt and light, to be kind and forgiving while remaining stubborn to sin.

You provide us with everything we need to remain steadfast in this world, therefore we beg for your help in keeping the memory to put on your full armor each day. God, please pardon us for the times we were unprepared, preoccupied with other things, or attempting to struggle and struggle in our own strength.

You are always working on our behalf, shielding, protecting, strengthening, exposing dark deeds, bringing to light what needs to be known, and shielding us from the cruel attacks we encounter even when we are unaware. Thank you that we never fight alone.

We adore you, Lord, and today we need you. Amen, in the mighty name of Jesus.

Keeping in mind that the struggle we confront can have more to do with what is unseen than what is right in front of us today. God’s word also informs us that the enemy must flee when we resist him. James 4:7

Stay steadfast.

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