The Battle Of God

The Battle Of God

The battle of God, christians are keenly aware that they are engaged in a struggle for their very souls. We are outnumbered and outclassed in this conflict because our adversary has amassed a vast amount of knowledge and has had plenty of time to plan ways to obstruct our progress.

Fortunately, you don’t have to take on this foe by yourself. Lord will stand up for you. Perhaps you’re wondering how the Lord will defend you, so let’s discuss that now.

How do you know that God is fighting beside you? What evidence do you possess that the Lord will defend you?

Satan excels at being evil. He waits impatiently for his moment to fire his missiles since he is aware of our weaknesses. And he does it very precisely. The good news is that we can start to identify his strategies and watch as his efforts are rebuffed.

How? by consuming Scripture on a regular basis. through reading accounts of those who stumbled before us and their victories. through having faith that God is greater than Satan’s finest efforts. It’s crucial to keep in mind the reasons the opponent keeps hitting us in the places he does.

The targeted regions will eventually cease to exist if we become more conscious of where we struggle and rely on God’s power there. They are only brought up again because Satan is successful there. We can escape the spiral it is in.

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God must be bigger than those aspects of our existence, in our opinion. God, in actuality, is stronger than any flaw we possess. Think about that for a moment.

In our struggles, it is beneficial to keep in mind God’s past victories. In each of our lives, he has proven himself. Because that is the life I am currently experiencing, I need to keep in mind what he done in my life. And even while I can benefit from other people’s experiences, it’s necessary to reflect on my own and recognize his loyalty to me.

David faced Goliath, not because he was feeling particularly giant-strong that day, but because he was reminded that God was with him—the same God who had given him courage when he faced a bear and who had intervened when a lion came into his path. David had to put his trust in the proper person—God. Once that was confirmed, he left.

And David rejected Saul’s attempt to arm him with something that may have worked for Saul. Not just due to the obvious, bad fit, but also because God was going to do the battling and he fights without armor.

How the Lord will stand up for you.

Stories of the numerous ways God has defended His people are abundant in the Bible. In Genesis, God spoke to Laban in a dream and admonished him not to hurt Jacob in any way. He was warned not to even use harsh language with him (Genesis 31:22-24).

In Joshua, the Lord dispatched His army’s general to lead Israel’s soldiers into battle (Joshua 5:13-15).

The Lord sent Elisha an army of His warriors to stand alongside him in opposition to the Aramaens (2 Kings 6:8-23).

Do you start to get the picture yet? The Bible contains a great deal more tales like these. God is all-powerful and capable of accomplishing anything He can think of. We already know that God is a tremendously imaginative being because He created the entire universe and everything in it.

The God who will defend you is that one. All you have to do is remain motionless.

What Exactly Does Being Still Mean?

So, the question, “How can I let God fight my battles?” can now be addressed. How does His power to act on my behalf still depend on my existence?

I’m very happy you inquired. We’ll talk about what it means to be still and how to do it.

Psalm 46:10 is one of my favorite passages in the Bible.

“Remain calm and recognize that I am God!

All nations will respect me.

I will receive respect on a global scale.

NKJV Psalm 46:10

Hebrew râphâh, which is pronounced “raw-faw,” is the word that is translated as “be still.” Alternate translations include abate and end. I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to remain still. I can always come up with at least five things I could or ought to be doing.

Sadly, my relationship with God occasionally reflects this “doing” approach. I want Him to intervene quickly and hurry things along, so when I feel like He’s moving too slowly, I try to handle things on my own.


Are you there, my friend? If so, Abraham has much to teach us now. The results of Abraham and Sarah’s attempts to “assist” God didn’t quite work out as they had anticipated, and the effects reverberated down the ages.

However, when they remained still and trusted God to handle things on their behalf, they not only received what they had hoped for but also took part in a miracle.

Being motionless denotes a readiness to wait. It implies that we set aside our plans and let God carry out His well-thought-out scheme. Would it be simple? No. However, while we wait, we can spend some time in His presence getting to know Him better.

How to Stay Still and Let God Fight for You in Seven Steps

1. Rely on God – Although it might seem obvious, trusting God requires work. Faith is required. To trust the Lord to fight your battles requires faith.

2. Remorse for sin

The truth is that sin keeps us apart from God. The enemy likes to persuade us that there is nothing we can do to make things right with God when sin is weighing us down.

That is an evil lie straight out of hell.

He is obedient and just to forgive us of our transgressions and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness if we repent.

NKJV 1 John 1:9

Unacknowledged sin creates a barrier between you and God. Sin that is not admitted to gives the enemy a foothold in your life. Admit your transgressions, remain motionless before God, and watch Him win your wars.

3. Practice being obedient – Christians are obligated to live obedient lives. It is simpler for us to remain silent in God’s presence when we are acting in obedience.

4.Search the Bible for verses that teach patience – The ability to wait is one of many subjects that the Bible has a lot to say about. Spend some time studying, praying, and reading the Bible’s teachings on waiting.

5. Locate a support network – Be in the company of others who desire to follow and love God. Learn from those who have mastered the art of stillness. Spend time with people who have mastered the art of letting God handle their conflicts.

6. Utilize your talents to help others – Serving others is one of the best things we can do as we wait for God to stand up for us. Spend part of your time, energy, and effort helping others. Perhaps God will use you as a weapon to help someone else win their struggle.

7. Practice patience – Patience is a virtue, as you’ve surely heard before. But if you have trouble with it as I do, you might need to learn patience. Remind yourself that God’s timing is ideal whenever you feel yourself getting impatient. Remind yourself that if you stay still long enough, the Lord will defend you.

Then, remind yourself that when God battles for you, there are no consequences or negative effects. Everyone gets along just fine with no negative effects.

The purpose of the armor is to protect us; it is not to give the impression that we are superheroes or Captain America. It’s up to us to figure out how to fix our attention on God and let Him handle the conflict on our behalf.

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How to Allow God to Battle Your Battles

The hardest thing for many Christians to do is to let God handle the conflict on our behalf. Oh sure, we can say, “The Lord will fight for you,” with the best of them, but do we truly realize that God is fighting beside us? Do we really know how to let God wage our wars?

I want to emphasize that God is with you in the struggle before I explain what I think is the largest essential to letting God fight our fights. You must entirely and utterly give your will to the Lord if you want to allow Him to battle for you. I know.

Being out of control of everything is terrifying. We have been told for years that we need to be brave and learn to do things on our own, so it’s not something we’re used to.

But as you can see, in terms of spiritual conflict, that is ineffective. Yes, we must put on the entirety of God’s armor, but that is only to prepare us for combat.

Christian fiction helps us remember when to let go and let God fight our battles since there are moments when it’s hard for us to do so.

I enjoy watching characters go through the same trials and tribulations I do because it helps me to step outside of my own situation and view things more clearly.

Spiritual warfare and letting the Lord fight the battle for you were major themes in God’s Rebel.

12 Scriptures that Will Remind You That God Will Fight for You

The only thing you need to do is keep quiet, and the Lord will defend you (Exodus 14:14 ESV).

“You won’t have to engage in combat in this conflict. O Judah and Jerusalem, stand steady, maintain your stance, and witness the Lord’s deliverance on your behalf. Avoid being alarmed or terrified. Go out and fight them tomorrow, and the Lord will be with you (2 Chronicles 20:17 ESV).

In order to give you the victory over your foes, the Lord, your God, goes with you into battle (Deuteronomy 20:4 ESV).

The Lord hears the cries of the righteous and relieves them from all their tribulations (Psalm 34:17 ESV).

Then, how should we respond to these events? Who could be against us if God is for us? (ESV) (Romans 8:31)

I have the Lord on my side, therefore I won’t be afraid. What harm can a man do to me? (ESV Psalm 118:6)

However, those who abide in the presence of the Lord will find fresh strength; they will soar on wings like eagles; they will run without fatigue; they will walk without stumbling (Isaiah 40:31 ESV).

Because it was your right hand, your arm, and the light of your face that saved them—not their own sword or arm—because you took pleasure in them (Psalm 44:3 ESV)

But the Lord is trustworthy. He will secure you and defend you from the evil one (2 Thessalonians 3:3 ESV).

Your right hand, O Lord, is mighty and beautiful; it shatters the adversary (Exodus 15:6 ESV).

“No tool made for your destruction shall prosper, and you shall refute every word that rises against you in condemnation. The Lord says, “This is the inheritance of the servants of the Lord, and their justification from me” (Isaiah 54:17 ESV).

Because the Lord your God is fighting for you, you shouldn’t be afraid of them (Deuteronomy 3:22 ESV).

We can expect to face challenges and difficult times as Christians. We are aware that we must put on the whole armor of God before confronting the devil, yet occasionally we forget that we are not in this battle alone.

If that describes you today, my friend, I want to reassure you that God is fighting with you. He didn’t abandon you on your own.

Each Morning Grace Is New

God’s grace is so new, which is one of my favorite things about it. We don’t have to live off of leftovers from yesterday, hoping that adding a little more of this or that will be sufficient for the challenges we confront today.

Since our supply of grace has been drained from the previous day, we don’t need to beg, borrow from, or steal it from anyone else. We have a new source of grace as each day progresses.

God has already been here, so he knows what I shall face today. He is the eternal God. He is constantly at his position and always prepared, so he is never surprised by our challenges.

So that when I wake up, I may wipe the sleep from my eyes and be certain that I will have enough grace to handle any challenges he presents to me.

I did not say that I would have sufficient grace for tomorrow. The difference is significant. I often worry about things that will happen in the future and then wonder why I don’t have the means to handle them.

The short version of the answer is that if it’s not happening right now, it’s not on God’s list of priorities for us.

Being a responsible Christian requires that I act in accordance with God’s will and confine my activities to those that he presents to me.

Precisely as he provided the Israelites with just the perfect amount of manna, God understands how much grace to give to me. It was destroyed if they attempted to stockpile it.


God is engaged in renovation work. Instead of simply destroying the weak points on wounded sinners, he sets up camp there. He makes us stronger where we are weak and becomes what we lack. He also does it for a few different reasons.

God is for us. Check your reflection. Look at the person in front of you with doubtful eyes. He not only made that person, fashioning every last detail and counting every hair, but he also sincerely loves the person you see in the mirror.

God is he. He will receive the praise. Only he is deserving of the praise. You can rely on him to intervene more if it is clear that you lack the necessary skills to prevail.

He is the deity of the last moment, the curtain, and the impossibilities. He enjoys it when we stand there and gape in shock at what he accomplished. So why not give him every chance to demonstrate for us?

We can choose. The war is the Lord’s to win, as it is stated in 2 Chronicles 20:15, or we can keep trying to do things in our own strength, peter out and fail. He will fight, but we will prevail.

We will always come out on top if we allow God to wage our wars.

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