The Battle Axe

The Battle Axe

The battle axe, you are God’s tool of war if you are His battle axe.

He wants to engage in combat through you. Think about David and Goliath’s conflict. God Himself engaged in battle with Goliath, using David as His war axe.A battle axe is a weapon that a warrior can use to defeat an adversary. It has the power to destroy, root up, and dismantle an enemy’s stronghold.

A battle axe, sometimes known as a battle axe, battle ax, or battle-axe, is an axe made especially for fighting. Utility axes were transformed into battle axes. While many could be operated with one hand, others were larger and required two hands to operate.

Exodus 7:1; God will use Moses to accomplish whatever He would have done to Pharaoh. Even if Pharaoh couldn’t see God, he could see God’s power at work via Moses.

In the name of Jesus, may the Lord find you to be one of the Moseses He seeks to use as His weapon of war to kill the many Pharaohs of today.

The world is a realm of darkness and a battlefield. There are many evil activities underway, all of which aim to oppose the kingdom of God and keep the Christians from entering it.

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Many Christians have passed away prematurely as a result of attacks by the forces of evil, and some are now in hell as a result of their refusal to serve as God’s battle axe. In the name of Jesus, I pray that every grip that the devil and his dominion have over your life will be destroyed.

We’ll examine this study under these three headings

1.Characteristics of a good battle axe:

A good axe needs to be precise, robust, powerful, and simple to wield. the one has the ability to chop objects with ease while remaining unharmed.

Every Christian is to serve as God’s war axe in the dismantling of the reign of darkness. Mark 16:17

Therefore, He has invested and trusted His power in us so that we can accomplish this goal successfully and without fail.

The devil is vigilant because he is aware of this. He always has well-organized agents of darkness throughout his domain, and he is always prepared for fight.

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He is aware that Christians are incapable of being razor blades, much less battle axes. Acts 19:13-16. It is really upsetting that some Christians are ambivalent and that others lead false lives. The devil, in actuality, is aware of each person’s position and value.

Some Christians serve as the devil’s tools and playthings, but God does not want that. I invite each of us to accept the challenge of living in accordance with God’s will so that we can genuinely become the powerful instruments that God has created us to be.

The devil is active all the time, and he shoots arrows at people both day and night. The Bible claims that Satan roams around seeking someone to devour; therefore, we must never become complacent in our fight against the forces of evil.

2. God’s battle’s characteristics Axe

God’s battle’s characteristics Axe are

  • Must be nimble. According to Hebrews 4:12: The Bible’s teachings can make you sharper. Every follower of Christ must be adept at both defensive and offensive uses of the sword of the Spirit.
  • Rust must not be present: An axe must not rust or it will become dull and incapable of cutting anything.

What might be rust in our lives?

(i) Food, drug, and sleep addictions, all of which can make us apathetic and spiritually lethargic.

(ii) Breaking the law of God’s word. We can observe the young prophet’s case, who disobeyed God’s commands after performing deeds for God. He was abandoned, and even the old, dishonest prophet was called upon to pronounce judgment against him.

(iii) Our life’ pride can corrode us. In the case of Peter, who grew arrogant about his allegiance to Christ and afterwards found himself denying Him, we witnessed what happened. God will always oppose an arrogant man and give the humble man greater grace.

(iv) Impure sexual behavior We witnessed how Samson and Solomon abandoned themselves to immoral sexual behavior and lost their ability to be powerful in God’s service. You must abstain from all sexual sins and live a pure life for God if you want to be God’s battle axe.

  • Must traverse a fire: Metal is used to make axes, and the metal is shaped by fire. Even while it may not be pleasant, it improves a person as a vessel. Trials, temptations, afflictions, and tribulations are the numerous kinds of fire we must endure in order to emerge as stronger and sharper tools in God’s hands.
  • Both must be accessible and simple to utilize: Being accessible is crucial if you want to serve God. No matter how powerful an axe might be, if it cannot be used right away, it is as good as not existing at all.

3.Examples of those who were used by God as His battle axe

Consequently, a combat axe is needed;

Jehoshaphat was employed in the destruction of numerous nations in accordance with God’s will.

The goal of the church of Jesus is to overthrow the dark kingdom. We are expected to walk over snakes, scorpions, and all other forms of enemy force without suffering any harm.

To extinguish demonic forces: We can observe the exploits that some persons, like as Elijah, Elisha, and Paul, performed against the forces of darkness and elevated the name of the omnipotent God.

Peter was able to confront the magician in Samaria when he attempted to use money to purchase the gift of God in order to dismantle evil beliefs and practices. All satanic acts committed today in the name of Christianity and for the purpose of achieving and displaying authority must be confronted and condemned.

You are my battle axe and weapons of war because I will use you to sunder nations and overthrow kingdoms (Jeremiah 51:20–23 days);

(21) I’ll also break in pieces the chariot and its driver with you, as well as the horse and rider on it.

(22) Along with you, I’ll also shatter the sexes of both men and women, as well as the young and old, and the maid and the young guy.

(23) I will also sunder with thee the shepherd and his flock; I will sunder with thee the husbandman and his yoke of oxen; I will sunder with thee the leaders and the kings.

According to the Bible, God is a “Man of War” who fights for His children. In order to build the kingdom of God in people’s hearts, He is also at war with the kingdom of darkness.

God refers to you and I, who are called by His name, as His “Battle-Axe” in the scripture above. An axe is a device, a tool used for cutting wood or other materials. A good axe needs to be quick, sharp, powerful, and sturdy.

Every Christian should serve as God’s war axe, which He will employ to overthrow the dominion of darkness.

The devil is vigilant because he is aware of this fact and is aware of the Christians who are useless and incapable of serving as battle axes for the Lord, let alone razor blades. That is why a man who was possessed by evil spirits tortured the seven sons of Sceva.

Acts 19:13–16 states that several wandering Jews who were exorcists took it upon themselves to invoke the name of the Lord Jesus over others who were under the influence of evil spirits, saying, “We adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preaches.”

(14) There were seven sons of one Sceva, a Jew and top priest, who carried out this action.

(15) In response, the wicked spirit responded, “I know Jesus, I know Paul, but who are ye?”

(16) And the man in whom the evil spirit was pounced on them, defeated them, and won the battle; as a result, they escaped from that house covered in blood and with injuries.

Some Christians serve as the devil’s tools and toys, but that is not what God wants.

Many years ago, there was a young man who committed his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. His father made repeated unsuccessful efforts to assassinate him because he felt that this was a disgrace to his family. The father phoned him one day to inquire about the source of his strength.

Then he said that he had made multiple unsuccessful efforts to assassinate him. The young man was untouchable because God already saw him as a war axe.

Because they refused to be the battle axe of God, many Christians passed away prematurely, and some are currently in torment. You have the option to decide whether or not you want to be God’s battle axe today, darling.

The world is a place of darkness and a battlefield, which is why

Have regard for the covenant, for there are many cruel people to be found in the deep corners of the world, as stated in Psalm 74:20.

There is no mercy in the home of cruelty, therefore you cannot afford to be impartial there. You must decide where you stand. You must resist letting the enemy drag you down because God does not want anybody to suffer unjustly.

According to Psalm 91:3-5, he will undoubtedly rescue you from the bird trap and the annoying plague.

(4) He will protect you with his feathers, and you can put your trust in his wings; his truth will serve as your buckler and shield.

(5) You must not fear the terror of the night or the arrow that flies during the day.

You need to understand that this world is a battlefield and that God wants you to be His battle axe. This text demonstrates that there is no place to hide and no time for indolence because the war continues day and night. The devil is active all the time, and he shoots arrows at people both day and night.


(1) So that He can dismember countries.

(2) In order for Him to exterminate the dominion of darkness.

(3) In order for Him to exterminate demons.

(4) In order for Him to eradicate satanic beliefs and behaviors.You cannot do the aforementioned things unless God uses you as a war axe. Being God’s battle axe requires more than just going to church.

Before you can develop and groom yourself into being helpful and useable in His hands, you must start from the beginning, which is an encounter with the Lord.


God wants you to live a pure life as a Christian so that you might constantly deliver victory and glory to His kingdom as weapons of battle and vessels for honor.

The goal of God cannot be achieved in your life if you are reading this message and are not a born again believer. Jesus will save you if you confess your sins and give Him control of your life right away.

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Do a self-evaluation now, and consider the kind of weapon you have represented yourself to be for the Lord. Are you keen, continuously working to make the weak and dull parts of your life stronger?

Are you eager to be used by the tremendous hand of God, jumping at any chance to do so? Or have you let yourself become spiritually sluggish or been happy to let things gather dust on a shelf?

Jeremiah 51:52 states that a soldier is unprepared without weapons. Depending on the soldier’s skill set or their assigned duty, the weaponry may change. Some might fire sniper rifles from a distance. Others might employ a weapon for more direct conflict. You must be prepared for fight by carrying a weapon. A warrior never engages in combat without one.

We are currently engaged in a spiritual conflict, and God is fighting for us. We are engaged in an invisible conflict, as Ephesians 6:12 tells us: “For we do not struggle against flesh and blood, but against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” God has a weapon, just like a fighter in combat, and that weapon is you!

You are my battle axe and my weapons of war, because with thee I will break nations in pieces and with thee I will demolish kingdoms, declares Jeremiah 51:20. The next verses describe what God will accomplish “through thee” (His chosen weapon of war). God wants to utilize you in this war because you are His battle axe!

In this passage, the Lord explains to the people what He is capable of doing with them. The same is true for you. Either the Lord will utilize you, or the Lord will judge you.

If you willfully submit to God and let Him work in your life, you are the battle axe that He can use to accomplish great things.

Truth for today: You are the weapon God frequently employs to carry out His mighty deeds. He has weapons in the battle we are in. Give Him your life as a willing soldier in this important battle!

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