House Cleaning Prayer From The Bible

House Cleaning Prayer From The Bible

House cleaning Prayer from the Bible, do you know how to spiritually clean your house? You can get rid of any bad spirits in your home with the use of this house cleansing prayer.

The truth is that an evil spirit will eventually find its way into your house. It is best to evict it as soon as possible. Some of us choose to ignore it in the hopes that it will go away out of ignorance or fear. After some time, we discover that evicting it is the only way to get it to depart.

What are the indications that you might require a spiritual cleaning of your home?

According to the Bible, our battles are not with persons of flesh and blood, but rather with “cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the demonic forces of evil” (Ephesians 6:11). A spiritual issue may be present if anything seems particularly odd in one’s own house.

Because the Lord does not send a spirit of terror but of peace, you can recognize if you are experiencing fear in your own home as not coming from God.

Should Christians sanctify their homes through prayer? It is fantastic that Christians ought to pray for a clean home. The Holy Spirit should be allowed to reside in Christians’ houses. In the name of Jesus, they ought to cast out any evil spirits.

The following actions can be taken to purge your home of any evil and unless . I’ll outline some doable actions you may take in this blog post to rid your home of anything not of God.

Jesus Christ’s Authority

Yes, the spiritual realm exists and is just as real as the reality around us. We need to be conscious of spiritual conflicts. This does not compel us to fight these fights in silence or out of fear.

We must understand that when interacting with the spiritual realm, we have the authority to dispel any darkness we may encounter because we have Jesus.

I have empowered you to walk over snakes, scorpions, and the entire might of the enemy, and nothing will harm you. Luke 10:19

I have personally encountered bad spirits and have had a sixth sense since a young age. I think all believers have an intuitive sense when something is not from God.

Although it is wise to be alert of bad spirits, keep in mind that their strength pales in comparison to that of God.

According to the Bible, good must triumph over evil in order to triumph over it (Romans 12:21).

Anything that is not true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, or commendable should be replaced. Only things that have excellence—defined as being exceptional or exceptionally good—and are deserving of praise should be kept or considered.

Ask God To Purify Your Home Via Prayer.

Ask the Father what is bothering you when in conversation with him. Ask God to examine your heart and, if there is anything evil inside, that He remove it.

Perhaps what you are doing offends the Lord, and you need to be purified of your own sin. God is more familiar with us than we are with ourselves.

Sin affects us, whether consciously or unconsciously, and provides opportunities for the enemy to attack.

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You can find an example of a prayer in Psalms 139.

God, search me and know my heart. Test me out to see what I think! And check to see if I have any painful ways, then guide me to the path of righteousness!

In Psalms 139:23-24
Inquire of the Lord if there is anything in your home that is not of him after you have asked him to cleanse you. If so, enlist the Lord to reveal the source to you.

I advise you to take a seat with a pen and piece of paper and record what you believe the Lord is speaking to you. Let God speak to you while you keep Him in your focus.

So What Are The Indications That You Could Require A Spiritual Cleaning Of Your Home?

  • There are places in your home that are cold, but there is no A/C vent there to explain why.
  • When no one is home, your dog or cat will growl or bark at walls or certain spots in your house.
  • You catch a glimpse of shadows or what appears to be someone walking by when there is no one around.
  • On sometimes, for no apparent reason, the hairs on your arm stand on end.
  • When the house is quiet, noises can be heard this doesn’t apply if you live in a newly built home because the house might be settling.
  • Sometimes, being alone in the house makes you nervous.
  • There are things you own that give you the shivers, like a photograph, a mirror, a piece of art or furniture, a stuffed animal, and even a book.
  • You don’t like one particular room in your home; you never hang out there, and you’re not sure why.
  • Despite no one entering or leaving your home naturally, you can hear doors opening and closing there.
  • Since you moved in, you’ve started to experience several nightmares.
  • Before you moved in, your family was happy, but a week later, everything has turned upside down. Your children are aggressive, they argue a lot, and your home is now tense.
  • You’re looking online for cleaning supplies for your home. That is a definite indication that something is wrong with the house.

It’s possible that none of these problems existed in your home before things started happening. It’s possible that someone who was in your home was practicing witchcraft or had spirits tied to them that followed them inside.

How to Cleanse Your House

Consider everything in your home that would suggest or concur with sin if you don’t feel like God is speaking to you directly about what you need to do to purify it.

1. Declutter Your Home

Consider any media you may have at home that may exalt sin. Anything in your home that exalts evil should be removed, according to God.

Then search your home for any idols that could be there. The Lord clearly warns against worshiping anything or anyone who is greater than God. Idols can literally be anything that is placed before God and can take many different forms.

A few idols to be aware of are listed below:

  1. Objects that are used to worship other deities (example: buddha statue)
  2. Work or a computer
  3. Money
  4. TV
  5. Phone and
  6. Food

The heart is where idolatry begins. If you discover an idol in your home, confess your sin to God. then ask for pardon for your transgression.

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Check your own hearts to see if you are indeed believers. Examine yourself. Or do you not understand that Jesus Christ resides within you? — Unless you actually fail the test! 2 Corinthians 13:5

We continue to be pruned by the Lord so that we might better follow him. We should constantly be in prayer and turning away from any idolatry that surfaced, as the Lord led us to do.

So let us approach the throne of grace with assurance so that we may confidently accept mercy and find grace to assist us when we are in need.

Hebrew 4:16
We ought to examine any items in our homes that might have a dubious origin. Things might be significant or be cursed. It’s possible that you traveled abroad and returned with a magnet or souvenir that contains some sort of evil.

Beware of items that have negative connotations.

  1. Jewelry with horns, eggs, and crescents as well as other religious motifs
  2. Skull themed sculptures, accessories, or clothes with a sinister aesthetic (skulls represent and memorialize death, and can even invite and harbor spirits of death in your home)
  3. Items that feature symbols of other religions can draw the evil spirits of those religions into your home, such as horns that represent the demonic Baal and crescents that represent the demonic religion of Islam.
  4. People thought about or dwelled on sin because of memories brought on by varied home furnishings.
  5. If there was a reason they were drawn there, any number of bad spirits could be found in dark or vacant places.
  6. Any number of evil spirits could be located in dim or deserted regions if there was a reason they were drawn there.

Going through each room of your home room by room and asking God to show you anything you need to get rid of is a good place to start.

Perhaps something will stand out to you and remind you of something significant, which could prompt you to get rid of that object.

Jesus Christ Cleansing the Temple

Jesus even cleansed the temple, his own home. Jesus entered the temple in Jerusalem and began purging it of unnecessary items and putting an end to activities that were dishonoring to God.

When he realized what was wrong, he repaired it. The animals and their owners were ejected from the area by a scourge he constructed out of cords. The money changers’ tables were flipped over as he threw out their coins.

Jesus was upset about what was happening and was aware of what belonged in his Father’s home and what didn’t.

You have the authority to order evil things to leave your home in Jesus’ name, just as Jesus had the authority to put the temple back to its proper usage.

You are permitting evil to enter and remain in your home by allowing objects that represent sin and evil to remain there.

2. Verbally Order all Spirits to Depart.

It’s time to order all spirits to depart. You are directing in the name of Jesus, not pleading with spirits to go. In the name and power of Jesus, Christians have the power to drive out devils.

One order you can issue is,

I immediately command every spirit that is not of God to leave this location in the name of Jesus.

Every believer already has the Holy Spirit, and you can ask for him to fill your entire house.

3. Verbally Make An Appeal to the Holy Spirit to send angels.

Ask the Holy Spirit to come into your home and surround and guard your family out loud. According to the Bible, we can request that Jesus send his angels to watch over his kids.

Because he will order his angels to watch over you in all your endeavors.

In Psalms 91:11
You can pray by saying,

Kind Father I pray for the presence of your Holy Spirit throughout this entire house. I beseech you to send angels to defend every crevice of this home and to keep this property safe from any intruders who are not of you. In the name of Jesus, may this home be a haven of tranquility.

You can continue to sing a hymn of worship to Jesus while praising him for his goodness. It is never a good idea to dwell on demonic spirits; instead, acknowledge them just enough to tell them to leave so that you can concentrate more on God’s might and strength.

If you’ve never cleansed your home or prayed blessings and protection over it, it might seem tedious. However, prayer in the name of Jesus has more strength than we can imagine.

Contact your pastor and seek assistance if you continue to sense demonic spirits in your house.

In the name of Jesus, we are powerful. We are able to compel bad spirits to leave thanks to the power of the Holy Spirit.

If you are preparing to buy or rent a new house, please read this.

Here are a few “spiritual red lights” to watch out for if you’re looking to buy or rent a house. Since none of them would constitute a problem in the natural world, we refer to them as spiritual red flags:

  • The question “where are the previous owners?” is a good one to ask when buying a vacant home. Someone died there. If they were a Christian, you might not have any problems, but if not, there is a chance.
  • For more than a year, no one lived in the residence. Evil spirits enjoy occupying vacant locations (Matthew 12:43-45)
  • The seller either practiced feng shui or another non-Christian kind of spirituality on the property. The presence of crystals, Buddhas, and dream catchers would be indications of this.

It’s a foreclosed home. Why are foreclosures a problem? What if the person who owned it before the present owner also experienced a foreclosure? What if there is a second foreclosed property down the road, across the street, or next door? A neighborhood’s high number of foreclosures is a very bad omen.

The region might be ruled by a principality of want and deprivation. So, in most cases, after 30 years of consistent employment, you might get a wonderful foreclosure deal and then discover that you’ve lost your job two months later.

You then file for foreclosure. You should be aware that if you decide to purchase a foreclosure, you might have to face your own demons in order to keep the home.

  • In the area, there are far too many homes for rent or sale. A neighborhood’s owners moving out could not be a good sign. Continue your research and be aware that you are taking a chance.
  • The residence is either on or next to an Indian burial place. Very bad.
  • Find out what’s going on in the area by conducting some research. Return without the realtor and begin interacting with locals to learn more about the situation. You might discover that the neighbors have similar problems, such as drug use, suicide, job loss, or anything else. Random events are acceptable, but you should pay attention if you notice or hear a pattern. This will serve as a warning about the evil spirits you’ll encounter when you arrive.
  • if the building of the home you are purchasing took longer than two to three years. Keep in mind that evil spirits prefer empty areas, so if you got the foundation and walls built but ran out of money, the house would have to stay empty for a time. This might be a problem.
  • A second visit to the area at night is always a good idea. Then, you might detect spiritually things that you couldn’t throughout the day.

With one or more of these “spiritual red flags,” you might be able to purchase a home without any problems. This is indeed feasible. Many more people who read this, nevertheless, will have just learned the cause of the spiritual conflict they are presently experiencing at home.

Can you escape these malicious spirits? Yes. Do you require a priest or a pastor to assist you with this? Though it is not required, you can inquire. You can follow along with us as we lead you through the process. You could also ask a friend who is a Christian intercessor for assistance.

House Cleaning Prayer

Father God, I approach you in the name of Jesus while donning all of Your protection so that I can stand my ground against the devil’s plans.

Because our battle is not with flesh and blood, but with the rulers, authorities, forces of evil in the higher regions, and the powers that are in this dark world.

I have put on the complete armor of God so that I can stand my ground in this day of evil. Standing steady with the breastplate of righteousness fastened, the belt of truth fastened around my waist, and the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace fitting into my feet.

In addition to all of this, grab hold of your shield of faith so that you can stop all of the wicked one’s fiery darts in their tracks. Take the sword of the Spirit, which is the written word of God, and the helmet of salvation. And on all occasions, pray in the Spirit with all different kinds of pleas and requests.

(You are welcome to pray in other languages; doing so will allow the Holy Spirit to offer you insight into the spirits in your house.)

God, please grant me the ability to recognize spirits so that I can drive out all bad spirits from my house. The only spirits that are permitted to reside here are those that still serve Jesus and are in the land of the living.

I pray for the presence of your Holy Spirit among my family and me as we go through this process today. Please lead and guide us. Send help from the angels to expel all of these bad spirits, please. Send the angels to battle on my behalf and deal with any evil forces we are unable to subdue.

In the name of Jesus, I hereby command every evil spirit to depart from this house. You can’t linger here. You don’t play a role in me. I renounce both you and any accompanying ghosts.

(If the Holy Spirit draws your attention to a specific spirit or spirits, be sure to tell them to depart by name. Examples include the “spirit of infirmity,” addiction, immoral behavior, poverty, suicide, etc. Call out anything that comes to mind, tell it to go, and do so in the name of Jesus.

(At this point, you walk room by room anointing with oil and making the sign of the cross over all of the top and corner windows and doors. You write this over each window and door.)

I block any bad spirit from entering this door or window in the spirit world. You may not use this as a gateway to enter this house going forward. This house is only open to angels invited by the Commander of Heaven’s army.

In Jesus’ name, I make the sign of the cross to serve as a reminder to you that this house has been cleansed by the blood of Jesus, and that you must keep the Passover and refrain from ever entering there again.

(Do this for each window and door as you go through your entire home. You should get rid of anything from your home that gives you the impression that a spirit might be connected to it when you’re moving through the house.

There are doorways that spirits can use to enter and exit your home, just as there are doors in the physical world. Perhaps these are mirrors. Thus, you must take the oil, put it on your index finger, and make the sign of the cross on the mirror’s top or in one of its corners while saying…)

I close it in the name of Jesus if this is a doorway that bad spirits are utilizing to enter this house from the spirit world. There is no longer a doorway here. This is a mirror, a nonliving thing that will never once more serve as a spiritual gateway. I order the door to close in the name of Jesus.

I’m done now. The ghosts will be gone once you’ve gone through every room in your house, at which point you can begin closing the windows and doors to your home.

This is a lengthy procedure, but after you’re finished, your house should be completely ghost-free and you’ll experience such a sense of calm there.

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