10 Biblical Reasons For Marriage

10 Biblical Reasons For Marriage

10 biblical reasons for marriage, what purpose does marriage serve? Is building a healthy marriage worth the effort and hassles involved? I’m not sure if you are single and considering if marriage is worthwhile, or married and considering whether maintaining your marriage is worthwhile.

In any case, I want to share some biblical thoughts with you today to assist you sort through all the issues, challenges, and complication.

Yes, there are biblical justifications for marriage, both to wed and to focus on preserving your union.

A lot of societies around the world are forgetting about the origins of marriage. Nowadays, many people believe that marriage is an outdated institution that has outlived its usefulness. A recent survey found that individuals are losing interest in marriage as an institution.The percentage of people who believe marriage improves family life and is crucial to raising happy families has somewhat decreased.

The percentage of individuals who believe marriage improves the lives of children and families and is crucial to creating strong families has somewhat decreased. On the other side, many still have positive views of marriage.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people who believe marriage is outdated and archaic. Nevertheless, here are 10 timeless biblical arguments for marriage.

Marriage was the first institution God established in the order of creation, acting as the unchangeable cornerstone for human life.

The purpose of marriage is to glorify God through the procreation of children, faithful closeness, and orderly sexual relations. This bond is modeled after that between God and his bride, the church, and Christ.

In a marriage, males are to exercise self-sacrificing headship, and wives are to behave godly in their submission to their husbands. Marriage is a living representation of the grace based gospel since this institution foreshadows Christ’s coming to claim his bride.

The Importance of Understanding The Biblical Reasons for Marriage

Marriage is considerably more than just a legally binding civil arrangement. Marriage has a crucial role in God’s design. The Bible teaches God’s standards for marriage and offers helpful relationship guidance.

Marriage According To The Bible

Contrary to popular belief, the institution of marriage is not a human invention. God gave the first man all he needed to be happy when He made him in His image. God created a woman from Adam’s rib because He believed that a man shouldn’t be left alone. He then gave her to Adam.

When God made Eve to fulfill man’s needs, that was the first marriage. They become one flesh when they form a covenant. When they merged into one, they created an enduring tie that could not be broken.

A man is described as forsaking his parents and uniting with his wife in Matthew 19:5–6. No one should separate what God has joined together, the Bible adds.


God, not the government or the church, created the institution of marriage. It was the world’s first social organization. When people are connected to one another in healthy ways, humanity functions at its best.

The goal of marriage, according to God’s purpose, is to build solid families. The establishment of a safe family environment in which children can develop and prosper is another goal of marriage.

You shouldn’t associate with non-Christians, according to 2 Corinthians 6:14, since what do righteousness and evil have in common? The ideal union is that of two godly people who can bring up godly offspring.

The Bible does not mandate marriage for all believers. Paul counseled against getting married in order to spend more time serving God. Paul expresses his opinion that being single is wonderful in 1 Corinthians 7:7-9. Even still, getting married is preferable to being consumed by desire if you can’t control your urges.

It is okay for people to not feel compelled to get married. Individuals who are single can lead fulfilling lives while getting emotional support from friends and family. However, some people still desire to get married.

You gain a lifelong buddy via marriage who you can rely on for the rest of your days. There are a few biblical justifications for marriage found in the Bible, some of which still hold true today.

10 Biblical Reasons For Marriage

1. Partnership

Genesis 2:18 states that God will provide man with a compatible spouse because it is undesirable for a man to remain alone. When you get married, you gain a life partner.

You will always have a support system, no matter what. God provided Eve to Adam so that he wouldn’t have to go through life by himself.

The first two chapters of Genesis show how God made people for two different sorts of relationships, one with Him and the other with people.

The Bible says that everyone needs someone. You commit to that person for the rest of your life when you marry them.

2. Security and Protection

God intended marriage to help people form relationships, but He also did it so that Adam could guard Eve. God created man to be the more sensible of the two because most people consider woman to be the weaker of the two.

It is the male’s duty to counsel and guard his wife against destructive behavior and bad decisions. The wife may be more susceptible to injury since she is more aware of her emotions if her husband does not provide protection. Despite appearing dated, this sentiment is still valid in today’s society.

A modern woman knows she can make her own decisions, but she also knows her spouse will stand up for her if necessary. She wants a man she can trust to look out for her and provide for her. On the other side, the guy benefits from having a woman since she completes him.

3. Reproduction

Genesis 1:28 states that a married pair should produce offspring and multiply. God made marriage so that married couples could have and raise righteous children. God loves godly children, so men should be faithful to their wives, according to Malachi 2:15. Many people get married in order to start a family and have kids.

Marriage offers people the chance to make a fresh start and raise their children however they see fit. You may bring life into the world and raise your kids to be able to share God’s Word with the rest of the world by getting married and having kids.

4. Performance

As they say, go alone if you want to move quickly. Travel together if you want to go far. The Bible does not imply that the husband or wife must perform for the other by using the word “performance.”

Instead, it implies that God created Eve as a buddy for Adam. Even God understood that they would be more amply rewarded for their efforts and that two is better than one.

In life, a pair of like-minded individuals may do more than one alone. Ecclesiastes 4:9 says that the partnership is good because if one falls, the other is there to help them up.

5. Enjoyment

According to Hebrews 13:4, the marriage bed should be pure, and marriage should be honored by all. According to God, those who engage in sexual activity before getting married will be judged.

God instituted marriage so that we could partake in sexual interactions while yet serving his will. Even though it is uncommon in today’s society, some people still wait to have sex until they are married.

Prior to getting married, refraining from sexual activity will allow you to clear your thoughts and truly get to know your spouse. After getting married, you can engage in physical activity with your spouse because you are now one flesh.

6. Companionship, relationships, or the absence of loneliness are all biblical advantages of marriage.

A man should not be left alone, the Lord God proclaimed. I’ll get him a reliable assistant. Genesis 2:18

God therefore surveyed all of creation and decided that people required companionship. Eve was intended to be Adam’s ideal helper, companion, and partner when God created her.

God did not look over creation and declare that a man cannot be whole unless he is in a soul deep love relationship. God did not ride a white horse to meet Adam and Eve. One of the initial Biblical justifications for marriage was a link. And this fits with the relationship driven character of God. That’s true, isn’t it?

God wants to start a conversation with you. Men and women have a yearning for intimacy, which He created in order to draw us back to Him. Once more, God is the focus of the Biblical purpose of marriage rather than ourselves.

Biblical marriage goals are a challenging topic. Read this guest post at the Laced With Purpose Faith Building Event to learn more!

7. Our Personalities can be improved through Marriage.

We are urged to put off our old, fleshly selves and put on the new man throughout the Bible. If you’re married, your spouse is likely the chisel God often uses to chisel away at your character.

When your partner touches you inappropriately, it demonstrates pride, selfishness, and an unwillingness to forgive. God desires to mold and develop every aspect of our personality in order to reflect His likeness.

You’ve been tasked with taking on the role of an aristocratic wife.

A good wife is a jewel for her husband, but an unfaithful wife is decay in his bones. In Proverbs 12:4.

Who is aware of a good place to find a wife? She is significantly more valuable than pearls, after all. In Proverbs 31:10.

God will use your marriage to show you the areas of your life that He is trying to sanctify, if you let Him.

If your marriage is solely built on cultural love, which is a fleeting emotion, you’re doomed. Love in the Bible is a decision. In 1 Corinthians 13 we see a picture of Biblical Love “we performed a word study”.

8.You become more holy after marriage.

As we can see, God created marriage for a variety of great purposes, such as companionship, intimacy during sexual relations, procreation, stability, and support, among others. However, in the midst of this discussion, God is bringing our focus back to Himself. Oh, I guess I did alter it somewhat.

By showing the lost world how God interacts with people, marriage points them to God. Contrarily, marriage drives the husband and wife toward God. There are certain needs, wants, and expectations that your partner will never be able to satisfy.

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Your spouse will never be able to completely satisfy all of your needs, wishes, or expectations. They weren’t ever meant to be applied in this way. You can genuinely get whatever you need only from God.

And whether it comes to unmet needs, unfulfilled dreams, or unfulfilled longings, you have a choice. You can either turn to God for the things you genuinely need, or you can turn away and wallow in your despair.

We don’t pass judgment here. I’ve used both approaches. I lived in agony, resentment, and contempt for years, blaming my spouse for all of my issues and unmet expectations.

Then God started to reveal to me how each unmet need was meant to lead me to Him. One of marriage’s biblical advantages is that it teaches me to turn to God whenever I am unsatisfied, allowing Him to meet my needs, expose my sin, purify my soul, and increase my holiness.

An observation on marriage from Gary Thomas’ book Sacred Marriage perfectly captures this idea.

9. We are able to pray because of our Marriage.

I don’t know about you, but marriage makes me weak in the knees. God has taught me how to pray through those prayer sessions. Is this not absurd? I developed my prayer skills through prayer. As I prayed and God answered, I discovered more about God’s nature, dependability, and strength, which sparked my prayer life even more.

I learned how to pray via praying with others, and if it weren’t for my marital issues, I never would have sought out people to pray with. I discovered the power of strategic prayer during those tough times, and war room prayers for my marriage eventually became a way of life for me.

You could even refer to them as “Bible verses to save marriage” because they motivate me to pray to God frequently. A few of these verses are as follows:

“Confess your sins to one another and pray for one another in order to be healed.” Strong prayer from a good guy can accomplish a lot. James 5:16.

The foundation of that one is the idea that marriage purifies us. I had to deal with my sin if I wanted my prayer practice to be effective. Effective strategic prayer is the outcome of a life with a short list of sins!

So that we can find mercy and grace to help us in our time of need, let’s come fearlessly to the throne of grace. Hebrews 4:16.

God will assist you in your time of need if you publicly pray to Him for your marriage!

10. Make the choice that is best for you.

Biblical truths that still hold true today are some of the most common motives for marriage. Although the public’s perception of marriage is ephemeral, if you so want, don’t let that stop you from getting married. You should respect the lovely institution of marriage.

Despite the compelling biblical justifications for marriage, you must ultimately follow your heart and God. If God commands you to marry someone you’re dating, you should follow his instructions. Persevere until you hear from God if you’re still waiting.

You shouldn’t feel pressured to get married by others in your social group or by your family. Continue to trust God and your heart; they will never fail you.

10 biblical justifications for marriage, in summary

Nowadays, marriage is frequently seen as an outmoded institution that has outlived its usefulness. According to a recent poll, people are losing their attachment to marriage as an institution. The number of people who think marriage is archaic and out of date has grown in recent years. To create enduring families is the purpose of marriage. 2 Corinthians 6:14 says that you are not to be yoked with unbelievers.

You gain a lifelong friend via marriage, someone you can rely on for the rest of your days. There are still some biblical justifications for marriage today. God created marriage so that Adam could protect Eve. Marriage enables individuals to make a fresh start and raise their offspring anyway they see fit.

A pair of like-minded individuals can accomplish more in life than one alone.

The word “performance” in the Bible does not suggest that either the husband or the wife must perform for the other. God created marriage so that we might interact physically while yet doing what God wants. A Biblical benefit of marriage is companionship, connection, or the absence of loneliness.

You can really get to know your mate if you wait to have sex until after you get married. If cultural love is the only basis for your marriage, you are doomed since it is a transient experience.

Contrarily, marriage draws husband and wife’s focus to God. You can either turn to God for the needs that only He can fully supply or you can stay away from Him and live a life of misery. During my marriage, I lived a life that included daily war room prayers.

I discovered more about God’s strength, reliability, and character as He answered my prayers. In order for my prayer practice to be effective, I had to face my sin.

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